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Still have questions?
We are available 24/7
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We love what we do!

A few years ago, a qualified and successful lawyer decided to leave the profession, to which the soul no longer lay and find his element … The choice fell on the field of trade.

Yes, this is a highly competitive business. We immediately decided for ourselves that we would focus exclusively on quality. Our choice was a Turkish manufacturer, which is famous for its experience, unique materials, ability to track and implement the best world trends on the most modern equipment.

ValeryFounder of Optom Modno
What are we facing?

Once in Istanbul, a truly commercial city, we began an active search for the best factories, the best fabrics, the best offers. Our idea of ​​quick and easy local shopping was wrong.

There are a number of reasons that we underestimated:

  • there is no clear and established specialization in the sale of goods. Turkish workers, they are entrepreneurs, they are also suppliers – very busy people, because they do everything themselves;
  • the language barrier;
  • having spent a huge amount of time, we purchased the necessary goods and hurried to our hometown to sell it.

There was already a minimum of strength, but we went directly to the manufacturers. And what about those who do not have such an opportunity and the only thing left is to look for suppliers via the Internet? The answer to this question was Optom Modno Turkish.

Optom Modnо
Your reliable business partner in Turkey

Optom Modno is an international distributor and wholesale clothing manufacturer from Turkey.


Quality assurance

Thanks to the quality control department, the percentage of weediness and the presence of defects on products is reduced to the minimum norms of the international standard up to 2% of the entire batch of the order.



Purchase and shipment is made within 1-2 days after order confirmation.


Technical support 24/7

The care department is always in touch and tries to help our clients at any time of the day.


Discount system

For customers of medium and large wholesale, there is a personal loyalty program and a flexible system of discounts.

Our goal
Quality customer service

To provide the client with quality goods from leading Turkish brands and manufacturers;

Organize the creation and development of the client’s own brand;

Optimize and reduce procurement costs, thereby increasing the profits of our customers;

Provide quality service and a high level of service;

Protect the interests of our clients.

Our mission
Loyalty of our customers

Optom Modno is our own philosophy of service and quality of service, which we have been building for years, thereby maintaining the loyalty of our customers. P.S. Agadzhanov V.E.

Quality goods

We provide customers with quality goods from leading Turkish brands and manufacturers

Cost reduction

We optimize and reduce costs, thereby helping our clients to increase profits

Service Level

We provide our customers with quality service and a high level of service

Complete protection

We protect the interests of our clients in case of disputes

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The company provides these types of services

  • Corporate order of clothes under
    your brand

  • Compilation and correction
    terms of reference with the manager

  • Sending a catalog

  • Assistance from a personal manager

Why choose Optom MODNO
2 573 companies worldwide?


We carry out a full cycle of transactions for entrepreneurs working in the field of trade.


Optom Modno managers will help you choose a product with the best price-quality ratio, and will also periodically send out popular news for the current season


Optom Modno accepts payments from legal entities. and individuals, offers economical payment methods and guarantees the safe execution of money transactions, as well as the timely delivery of goods.


countries of the world for cooperation


entrepreneurs trust Optom Modno

199 993

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How to make an order

Just 4 steps - and you have the goods!
Leave a request on the site and get a catalog Step 1
Leave a request on the site and get a catalog
  • The minimum order amount is $300 (for this amount you can choose any assortment of goods of one category of clothing, which is presented in the online catalog);
  • Redemption is made in size ranges and in one color range (the size range is not split, colors are not mixed);
  • The manager will contact you and inform you about the terms of cooperation, as well as offer a personal selection of goods based on your needs, price range, quality segment and clothing style.
Preparing to place an order Step 2
Preparing to place an order
  • The manager of the company will prepare a draft contract for approval and signing by all parties.
  • After signing the contract, within 3 (three) working days, it is necessary to make an advance payment in the amount of 30-50% of the estimated estimate for the purchase of goods (the presence of a deposit on the client’s account of our company is a prerequisite before purchasing goods from the manufacturer.)
Purchase of goods Step 3
Purchase of goods
  • Your personal manager will create an order request and transfer it to the purchasing department for the subsequent purchase of goods from factories (during the purchase process, we provide a live photo and video review of the goods so that you are convinced of the quality, and if you have any doubts, you will always you can refuse the selected model in the order).
Sending<br />
and getting Step 4
and getting
  • Optom Purchasing Department Modno delivers the order to our company’s warehouse;
  • The Optom Modno quality control department checks your order for defects in fabric and accessories, for compliance with the number of pieces per package, size range and color, and also provides a photo and video report of your order;
  • Optom Modno sends an act of completion, the manager also keeps track of the total amount of your order;
  • The logistics department of Optom Modno produces high-quality packaging and delivery of your order to the Cargo transport company for subsequent delivery of the goods to the recipient’s country.

Shipping and payment

We supply goods to 67 countries of the world

Optom Modno uses secure payment systems and delivers goods to our customers with reliable shipping companies.

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