Still have questions?
We are available 24/7
Still have questions?
We are available 24/7
I am interested in the tissue composition. Do you provide such information?

Your personal manager accompanies the order until you receive it. This means that you can ask him any question about the product and get a detailed answer, even if you are interested in the tissue composition of specific products.

Why are prices not indicated everywhere in the catalogue?

A number of Turkish factories and manufacturers set the price of the product in the national currency - “Turkish lira”. The Optom Modno company works exclusively in the interests of its customers, therefore, we provide the current price at the time of ordering to avoid the appearance of an additional mark-up on the goods due to the unstable dollar exchange rate.

What should I do if I find a defect upon receipt?

You need to make a detailed photo or video review of the defects at the time of a defect discovering, and send it to our company by e-mail. Optom Modno warehouse workers visually inspect each item of the product, preserving the integrity of the original packaging. However, our team will make every effort to resolve the issue in the event of such a situation correctly.

Are all the products in your catalogue in stock?

Optom Modno works with a deposit system. This ensures the prompt registration of the order and the subsequent purchase of the goods available from the factory. But, nevertheless, we recommend choosing alternative position models, since the current goods of Turkish brands and factories are in great demand.

You provide a live photo of the product. Can you shoot a video?

It is possible to provide a photo or video review of the product during the ordering process. Your personal manager performs this function after the availability of the required items in the factories agreeing.

What can I do if after the purchase my money remained on your company balance?

If you have used the service of the "Optom Modno" company and some funds are left on your account, be sure that they will remain until your next contact with us, even if the account has $1. Our finance department is attentive to all accounts of our clients, regardless of the period of cooperation limitation.

Who should I contact for information after my shipment has been dispatched from Istanbul?

Control of the goods delivery process to the recipient country is the task of the "Optom Modno" company specialists. We control the entire route of the goods: from the moment of payment to unloading to the sorting warehouse of the TC in the recipient's country. You will receive a notification from the transport company representative about the cargo arrival, and the payment amount for its delivery.

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