We offer our clients a simple and understandable procedure for the goods purchase in bulk from Turkey. With us, you do not need to fly to Turkey on your own, waste time on flights and accommodation, searching for local dubious guides, viewing dozens of factories and hundreds of product groups in different shopping districts of Istanbul. All this has already been collected in our online catalogues.

It takes just 30 minutes of your time instead of 7 days.

We are a team of professionals who work in the interests of our clients and are focused on the result of constant cooperation. Quality of goods and quality of service are No. 1 on the list of our priorities!

How does your product registration and purchase take place?

The company “Optom Modno” assumes the organization of all business processes related to the goods processing, purchase and supply in bulk from Turkey. You only need to complete 3 steps:

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What are we doing?

We place an order.

Your personal manager generates a sales receipt and prepares an order for purchase.


We purchase your product in full, we will definitely offer you a replacement from the catalogue or from the factory where we make the purchase in case of missing models.

Quality control.

We check your goods for defects, visually without opening the factory packaging, as well as for the consistency of the quantity and colour palette. We provide a photo and video report, pack your goods with high quality and prepare them for shipment.


The goods are delivered to the transport company Cargo for subsequent shipment to the country of receipt, you are provided with the TTN about the shipment.


Optom Modno monitors the delivery process and informs about the arrival of the cargo. After receiving the order, the company manager conducts a test call. Makes sure the order meets your requirements, wishes you good sales.