Still have questions?
We are available 24/7
Still have questions?
We are available 24/7

How to place an order through the catalog or through online purchase?

Just 4 steps - and you have the goods!
s Step 1
and get a directory
  • Quick communication in any way convenient for you
  • A personal manager will answer all questions, provide information on the terms of cooperation;
  • We help to form an order taking into account the peculiarities of your business, market trends and other important factors;
  • Coordinating the details of the online purchase
    with the manager
s Step 2
Preparing to place an order
  • Optom Modno searches for a manufacturer, agrees with you the day and time of the online purchase;
  • Making a deposit before placing your order, placing an order or agreeing an online purchase.
s Step 3
Purchase of goods from the manufacturer
  • Your personal manager forms an order and sends it to the purchasing department for subsequent purchase of goods directly from the factories
s Step 4
and getting
  • In the warehouse of Optom Modno, the goods undergo a visual inspection for defects (without opening the factory packaging), for compliance with the color palette, the number of pieces in the package;
  • We provide a photo report of the purchased goods and the final sales receipt with the amount;
  • We make high-quality and free packaging and transfer it to the transport company “Cargo” for subsequent transportation to your country.
Service packages
The cost of our services
Package #1
5 %

Order price
from $300 – $1,499

Package #2
7 %

Order price
from $1,500 – $4,499

Package #3
9 %

Order price
from $5,000 – $9,499

Package #4

Order price
over $10,000

Shipping and payment

We supply goods to 67 countries of the world

Optom Modno uses secure payment systems and delivers goods to our customers with reliable shipping companies.

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front page delivery item
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